The Infinitely Arrangeable Wall Shelf

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An accordion, staircase, or paper fan—this shelf can be arranged in many different configurations to make it resemble anything you want it to. It's so versatile, it becomes as much a decorative piece, as a functional one.


The 2mm-thick folding steel shelf comes out of Barcelona's Carlos Pinós studio. Choose from either varnished or coated in three different sizes—20, 25, or 30 centimeters. Prices start at $35. Sometimes it's hard to settle on art for the walls of your place, but you always need storage. And this such a simple design that you can change up the look to your liking, and feasibly use it in several different rooms of your house. If you get bored, just rearrange it to your liking. [Shoebox Dwelling]

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I like this idea for a well organized kitchen. We re-did our kitchen a few years ago and have almost no blank wall space to put something like this. It would be very nice if we'd left some open space for stuff like this.