The Internet Vs. The Moon

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How does the collective internet hivemind mark the momentous occasion of NASA bombing the moon? By creating a Twitter meme called "At War With The Moon," of course. Click through to discover life during this new lunar wartime.


Thank Steve Agee for this latest hashtag meme, but lots of other people ran with it:

StereoForBrains: First the whole Pluto thing, now we try and off the Moon. So much galactic dissing this millennium.
unsupervised: Not so full anymore, are you?
greatjoebivins: Hello! They've been HIDING WATER FROM US. Damn moon people. THIS IS ABOUT SPREADING DEMOCRACY TO THE MOON.
PrettyGeeky: Terrorists train by moonlight. The moon must be held accountable.
Woomer: We must strike first. The moon conclusively has tides of mass destruction.
virtualbri: If you want to get rid of werewolves and lunacy, you gotta strike the source.
Widgett: Oh and let's not forget, it was on the freaking Moon that the whole Jean Grey mess got started.
caradox: I seem to remember another plan to blast a moon. Endor.

King of the whole thing, though? Easily The Venture Bros.' James Urbaniak:

You're either with us or you're with the moon.
We don't want the next lunar phase to be a mushroom cloud.
Make no mistake: the majority of moons are peace-loving celestial bodies. Our issue is with the Earth's moon alone.
Flashing one's ass is now called freedoming.
We must fight the moon up there so we do not have to fight it down here.
The British gov't has learned that the moon recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.

If there's a better way to celebrate this disappointing yet still slightly insane moment in science, then we're yet to find it. Finally, Twitter has earned its very existence.

At War With The Moon [Twitter]



Anekanta - spoon denier

What? I happen to like the moon. Does that make me a sympathizer? I guess so, but really what has the moon ever done to us? I mean, truly? The moon is a positive force in our lives!

It helps regulate the rhythms of the Earth. It gave us months (or "moonths" as they were originally called) and monday (moonday). Okay, so a lot of people don't like monday—but it wasn't the moon's fault that westerners chose to end their religious time of rest and begin the work week on moonday morning.

The moon is our faithful time keeper, and the muse of romance. Seriously, would you really be so inclined to get it on without the moon's influence? Sure, people blame lunacy on it, but it's not the moon's fault that a few people cannot handle its passionate energies.

I will not support this unwarranted attack on the moon! Join me in protest!