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The iPad Is Dangerous In Bed

Illustration for article titled The iPad Is Dangerous In Bed

This Taiwanese girl just learned the laws of gravity from her iPad. Not the apps inside the iPad, but the iPad itself. While holding the tablet over her head in bed, she dozed off. That's when Newton decided to deliver his first and second laws directly to her face, in the form of a mouthful of Apple technology.


The device knocked out two halves of her front teeth. Her mom, seeing that her daughter hadn't suffered enough humiliation, ran with this to the local news. And being Taiwan, they decided to make a reenactment (around 1:18 in the video below).

Science, kids. You can't stop it.

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now that I know that the cure-all to a crying 9 month old is to hand it your touch screen phone and hope she doesn't call somebody awkward by accident (or on purpose?), I let my cousin play with my phone....then she rolled over...holding it above her face....and with her lack of precision motor control there was an almost identical disaster...thankfully I foresaw this happening and was on the ready. However the baby didn't know any better, how old was this Taiwanese girl? Why is she such an idiot?