The iPad Is Perfect for Sheet Music

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Think about it! Easy or even automatic page turns, an endless library saved as PDF, visual and audio metronomes: The iPad, with an app like ForScore, is kind of the ultimate sheet music machine, no?

When people talk about what the iPad's going to be good for, most people jump to the obvious choices: It's going to revolutionize newspapers! And magazines! (It might.) It'll be great for watching videos! (It probably won't.) But really, it's the little markets, mostly untouched by the often too-small iPhone. I'm talking about comics. Drum machines. Sheet music.


It's these little nooks that make the prospect of what amounts to a medium-sized piece of touchable glass most exciting, not the obvious—and hyperbolic—predictions about stuff that already has a digital presence. Bring on the niche, iPad devs. [ForScore]