The iPad Mini Screen Sucks Compared to the Competition

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Look at this size and pixel comparison between the iPad Mini and its competitors. It clearly shows that its screen real estate is inferior to the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD.


The screen may have a bigger physical size, but the lower pixel counts means you will see less stuff on the screen and it will not be as sharp as the Kindle Fire HD, the Nexus 7 and the Nook HD, which is the densest screen of them all. The fewer pixels per inch, the more pixelized the screen looks. No retina effect here.

Obviously, Apple's claims about having more web browsing space than the competition are false; things will appear bigger, but it's the same amount of stuff. And obviously, this thing looks more and more clearly overpriced by the day. It's ok, though, there will still be plenty of drones buying it. [Technewsdaily via BGR]



I am one of the idiots that will be getting an iPad mini. Why? It allows me to get back into the Apple app ecosystem (which I love -previously had a iphone 3G), at a cheaper price. The iPad mini, for all intents and purposes, IS the iPad 2, just with a smaller form factor and cheaper price. I want something that is : a) more portable than a full size iPad and b) cheaper than a full size iPad. Sounds like Apple is catering to people like me. Huzzah.