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The iPhone Camera May Be In for a Revamp With Help from a Lumia Engineer

Illustration for article titled The iPhone Camera May Be In for a Revamp With Help from a Lumia Engineer

Today we learned that Ari Partinen, former Lumia Photography Lead over at Nokia, was hired away by Apple. The move could indicate that Apple is pouring resources into developing a next-generation iPhone camera.


Partinen was with Nokia since 2007, through the rollout of the 41 megapixel 808 PureView camera and subsequent incorporation of the technology into the Lumia line. With high megapixel counts, high-quality xenon flashes, and manual controls, the cameras on Lumia phones have managed to outshine the iPhone's photo-taking abilities.


With other phone-makers upping the ante with imaging features, such as HTC's Duo Effects and Samsung's 4K capability, Apple will be looking hard at ways to buoy its reputation as the company behind the world's most influential camera phone.

It's unknown how Partinen will contribute at Apple, or whether the next version of the iPhone's camera will bear any mark of being influenced by Nokia devices. But it should make mobile photogs get all excited and prickly nonetheless, and just maybe it could mean a better camera for iPhones everywhere. [PopPhoto]

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