The Kindle Touch Can Recognize Your Handwriting

If you thought the Kindle Touch was limited to page-turn taps and a pokey on-screen keyboard, it's time to re-evaluate. A start-up is now demonstrating software that lets the eReader handle handwriting recognition.


Puzzle-game startup Puzzazz is demonstrating software that lets users fill in text boxes by writing naturally on the screen with their finger, as opposed to tapping at a tiny on-screen keyboard. Seeing it in action in the video above, it seems to work surprisingly well — it certainly seems to recognize numbers without too much trouble.

Speaking to GeekWire, Puzzazz founder Roy Leban declined to comment on whether he was thinking of persuading Amazon to make it a basic feature of the device. Which is a shame, because that I really would like to see. [Puzzazz via Geek Wire]


Orange Exige

That looks painful to use.

Maybe Puzzazz forgot that most humans don't have toothpicks as fingers.

Regardless of how accurate the handwriting recognition software is, it will undoubtedly suck in this implementation due to the combination of sausage fingers* and terribly small boxes to contain your handwriting.

Also, the video only demonstrates Sudoku, which impressive as it as, only has to deal with recognizing numbers. I'm not saying I could create this software, but this doesn't prove much for having full handwriting recognition on eReaders - not that it was needed in the first place.

*such IR touchscreens can in fact use a stylus or any pointing device, but the video doesn't point this out and a lot of people probably don't know this