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The Kindle Touch Can Recognize Your Handwriting

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you thought the Kindle Touch was limited to page-turn taps and a pokey on-screen keyboard, it's time to re-evaluate. A start-up is now demonstrating software that lets the eReader handle handwriting recognition.

Puzzle-game startup Puzzazz is demonstrating software that lets users fill in text boxes by writing naturally on the screen with their finger, as opposed to tapping at a tiny on-screen keyboard. Seeing it in action in the video above, it seems to work surprisingly well — it certainly seems to recognize numbers without too much trouble.


Speaking to GeekWire, Puzzazz founder Roy Leban declined to comment on whether he was thinking of persuading Amazon to make it a basic feature of the device. Which is a shame, because that I really would like to see. [Puzzazz via Geek Wire]