The LAST HTC Post Ever

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Ok. This is it. I will never write about HTC again. Maybe someone else will here at Gizmodo, but I, John, will never utter another word about them. They anger me. These are the two models, the Wizard or the Universal or whatever the hell they're called. Consider this the field guide to identifying the HTC phones in the wild. I needed this to figure out the difference between Wizard and the Universal and the SV 2020 and whatever they came out with

What you see here are the two HTC models, the HTC 100 and the HTC 110. Notice the sexual organs. The HTC 110 has no secondary sex characteristics like flash or large camera aperture. The HTC 200, which appears on the page linked below, looks very much like the HTC 100. Because I hate HTC, I can also say that the HTC 200 may or may not give worms to ex-girlfriends.

HTC Smart Phones


HTC Wizard - All Versions Apart [PhoneMag]

UPDATE - And you can buy it on eBay anyway.