The Last of Us Television Series Starts Production!

Don't be fooled by their smiles. Things are about to get bleak real fast.

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Still from The Last of Us Video Game
Still from The Last of Us Video Game
Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Production on The Last of Us HBO Max series is finally kicking off!

It was announced in February of this year, actor Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) was cast as lead Joel Miller in the live-action television adaptation of The Last of Us video game. From then, other cast members started trickling in with Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones), starring as Elle and Gabriel Luna (Terminator: Dark Fate) as Joel’s brother Tommy.

A photo of the cast on set is posted to Luna’s Instagram profile. In the picture, you’ll see Joel and Tommy Miller and Joel’s young daughter Sarah played by Nico Parker (Dumbo).


The story’s premise centers around Joel, who is hired to escort Bella through a world of zombified humans to a group of people called the Fireflies. The decade-long ordeal started due to a fungus that transforms humans into creatures that infect others.

The game is filled with action, drama, and suspense, and the show should follow suit. The Last of Us fans are a tough crowd, so hopefully, show producers Craig Mazin, Carolyn Strauss, and Neil Druckmann give a semi-accurate portrayal of the internationally beloved game.


Beanpole director Kantemir Balagov will direct the pilot episode.

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