The Last Photo Lab to Develop Kodachrome

Kodak's decision to stop producing Kodachrome film in 2009 left a hole in people's nostalgia-seeking hearts. This documentary short by Xander Robin takes us into Dwayne's Photo, the last remaining lab to develop the coveted film. It really shows how cumbersome and complex the process of developing film is/was, and why analogue photography never really stood a chance against the onslaught of digital technology. [Vimeo via LaughingSquid via PetaPixel]



Not just speaking of Kodachrome, but I wonder how much life the 35mm film industry has left in it, anyhow. Both in the production of rolls and the development of the film. I ask this for 3 reasons, and I'm not necessarily being nostalgic, I'm only 25.

1) While I personally think that Digital cameras have revolutionized how we all store memories and share information, I am a little disappointed at the fact that not many people have their digital prints professionally printed for the sake of making photo albums.

2) Remember negatives? My family has a ton of those.

3) Digital is the only way to go, however, I ended up with an Olympus OM-10 35mm SLR that I've had since middle school, I even used it in High School for some of my classes. It sits on a shelf and I keep it in working condition, checking the shutter and battery, every so often. I've often considered that when I have kids, I'd love to be able to show them how an SLR camera works and how to take pictures with a 35mm. Because the camera is so simple, you can actually see the shutter and mirror function without having to worry about getting dust or dirt on a digital sensor. Hell, the light meter still works perfect.