The Last Word In Toilets

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This is the Giovannoni Washlet. And while I don't recognize exactly what each component of its feature set is supposed to do, I do know what awesome sounds like. And "tornado flush" sounds awesome.

The toilet—pardon me, washlet—also has a "triple-jet rimless flushing system" and a "hygienic glazing" for its ceramic surface. To me that says this bad boy will flush anything, anywhere, any time. This toilet is a vortex from which nothing shall emerge. And it also deodorizes!

According to TOTO, the company producing this über-potty, the Giovannoni Washlet "captures both the essence of Italian style and the sophistication of Japanese bathroom culture." I can't argue with that. Especially since the only culture in my bathroom is growing between the shower tiles. [DesignBoom]