The Latest Dumbo Preview Is Wonderfully Whimsical, and Just A Little Uncanny

Look at the little baby CGI elephant.
Look at the little baby CGI elephant.
Image: Disney

I’ve been a Dumbo skeptic for a while, but this new preview spot, courtesy of Disney’s Twitter account, is rather delightful.


Don’t get me wrong, the elephant still has terrifying eyes, and the live-action vibe still feels a bit off. But there’s whimsy here, and something fun and bright and hopeful. Do I believe an elephant can fly? No, but I’m willing to think on it a bit more.

Also, the monkey joke at the end is good. What can I say?

Dumbo, re-telling the story of the classic Disney movie filtered through the sensibilities of Tim Burton, comes out March 29th. It’ll star Danny DeVito, Colin Farrell, Eva Green, and a CGI elephant. 

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I simultaneously find Dumbo’s human-looking eyes creepily uncanny, while also finding actual elephant eyes a bit scary.