The Life and Times of an Instagram Addict

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Everybody has an Instagram addict in their life. Hey, maybe you even are one! This humorous video, by photographer Grant McGuire, explores the rise of, and drama surrounding, Instagram through the eyes of an addict.

McGuire claims the project, called Filter My Life, came into being when he learned of National Geographic prohibiting the use of Instagram-style filters for contest submissions:

To me this was apparently obvious. So obvious in fact I couldn't think of a situation where any self respecting or head above shoulders photographer would NOT know this fact. Arguably sometimes we don't catch the fine print on first glance but to me I thought this was exorbitantly obvious and well known.

I then had a thought. What if someone had zero clue about filters (which after travelling Europe you find out there are such individuals closed off from the American social flare). Not long after this blog I thought up a funny way to convey this. This project took longer than expected. Travel and work inhibited my ability to shoot on location however - something amazing happened. Instagram changed their Terms of Service (ToS). This upset many of their users even to the point of mass departures from the social network. This was just what I needed as a hook. We shot our last scene and we were done!


And, err, there's an outtakes video which is even longer than the main film. Enjoy! [YouTube via Peta Pixel]