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The Lines in This Trippy Illusion Aren't Actually Moving Around

I’m not blind, I can totally see that the square is moving. First, it tilts to the right side and then it tilts to the left side, like a seesaw of sorts. But it’s actually a mind-bending illusion that makes you think it’s moving.


The parts that make up the lines are actually just “drifting,” as in they seem to be just cycling colors in a certain direction. That drifting makes it seem as if the whole shape is moving, but the bigger part actually remains still.

Never trust your eyes.


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Cochese: 4k120fps

Effectively, the “lines” are moving. Those black/ white lines move in sync with each other. The “illusion” is really like a little box/ window in which a black/ white line shift behind. Crappy illusion is crappy.