The Litter Robot Turns Cat Litter Into Easter Eggs

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If you've got a cat that weighs more than 5 pounds, this Litter Robot will turn his waste into little pre-packaged eggs for you to easily throw away—no more pee covered hands.

Your cat goes into the spaceship-like ball to do his business, steps out, and his droppings automatically get turned into little red and yellow balls of delight. A few caveats though. A cat more than 15 pounds most likely won't fit into the sphere, and diabetic cats make urine clumps that are too large. Then there's elderly and skittish cats, who won't like to get in the sphere in the first place.

If your cat meets all the qualifications, you can pick up a Litter Robot for 299 ($570).


Product Page [Litter Robot via Apartment Therapy via Coolest Gadgets via Random Good Stuff]

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As soon as there is 150 pound version for me to use, I think I will have to pass.