The Logitech Revue Is Now $99, and It Still Costs too Much

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The Revue, Logitech's Google TV black box, never really took off. Unsurprising, since Google TV never took off either. So a humbled Logitech just slashed the price down from the original $299 to just $99. That hurts.


Logitech promises that, when the Android 3.1 update comes to Google TV later this summer, customers can expect an even richer experience than they've already gotten on the struggling platform, including simplified access to the Android Market. I sure hope so. [Logitech]


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So what exactly is Google TV? Can you surf the web on it (as in full browser)?

A friend of our family is diabetic and has poor eyesight and so spends his days at home since he can't really do anything else. He moved here from Iran about 35 years ago (before the Revolution) and so he's gotten a bit nostalgic. He heard about Google TV a couple of weeks ago and was asking me if he should buy one. He just wants to look up old Iranian songs on YouTube and other sites on the web.