The Mars Bio-Suit

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I don't know about you, but the planet Mars fascinates me greatly. All those crazy raves and space parties with aliens always look so fun. Plus Val Kilmer went there so it's gotta be good, right? Well MIT agrees and has developed the Bio-Suit, a suit for exploring the surface of mars and other planets. The Bio-Suit is like a second skin and clings to your body to regulate air pressure. It comes with a backpack to hold things like oxygen containers and other life-support systems. The helmet is very sci-fi 1950s-esque with it's dome-like shape that reminds me of a fishbowl. There's no definite word on what the final material to make the suit will be, but it's got to be able to accomodate multiple sensors and atmospheric readers. So is this what we need to finally start sending humans up to Mars? I think so. Stop being a lame sissy NASA, just send a ship up there and see what happens. I demand techno-acid raves on Mars.

A Suit For Walking On Mars [WMMNA]
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