The Marvel Studios Subreddit Is Using April Fools' Day to Demand Justice for Hawkeye

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In the fandom’s imagination, Hawkeye has gone from a brilliant archer and super spy to, well, a joke. So to celebrate this day of excessive jokes, the people at r/MarvelStudios have put Hawkeye on the pedestal he deserves.

Welcome to the Hawkeye Shrine. Please leave your quivers on the coat rack. The sub’s masthead? Well, hello there, beautiful.


The sidebar? You betcha that’s a Hawkeye.


And all the movies? Those are Hawkeyes, too.


To cap off this wonderful prank, the people behind the subreddit have released a petition demanding #JusticeForHawkeye. The petition calls upon one “Walter Disney” to “include Hawkeye, an OT Avenger, the link that holds the team and the MCU together, in the marketing materials for [sic] Avengers Infinity War.” It goes on to say that, “On this day, April 1st, fans can no longer tolerate the absence of the strongest Avenger from the Infinity War trailers, posters and that sweet, sweet merchandise such as popcorn buckets.”

Those of us at Hawkeyeo9 support you, r/MarvelStudios. Keep shooting your arrows straight.


For Hawkeye.