If you deal drugs, you make plenty of money. But fast cars, women and a playboy lifestyle can become unsatisfying. Which is perhaps why Aaron Castro, the leader of a 41-person methamphetamine ring, turned to comic books, using his earnings to buy 18,753 of the things.

Based in Commerce City, Colorado, Castro was responsible for bringing "massive quantities of the drug into Colorado from Phoenix", and along the way made a handsome profit, reports the LA Times. It seems, though, that an unquenchable thirst for comic books is rather expensive. Court papers explain that Castro "began to struggle with money because he would spend his drug money on comic books".


And there was me thinking the meth would be addictive. Hilariously, combing work with pleasure, Castro is also reported to have stowed meth in some of the books. He eventually pleaded guilty to multiple felony charges, and has been sentenced to 45 years in prison

As for the comic books? They were seized, along with Castro's Audi A8, Mercedes S500 and Lexus GS300. The comics have since been auctioned off, via a U.S. Marshals Service website, raising $125,050. [LA Times via Neatorama; Image: gingerobot]

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