The Most Bad-Ass Member Of G.I. Joe Is Now an Awesome Ninja Flash Drive

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Ask any kid who grew up in the 80s who the best member of G.I. Joe was, and they'll unequivocally say Snake Eyes. Not that goody-two-shoes Duke, not that crazy drunken pirate Shipwreck, not even the Tae Kwon Do-master Quick Kick.

Snake Eyes was a bona-fide ninja, could hold his own with the worst that Cobra had to offer, and on top of all that he never spoke or revealed his true identity. He was all about being mysterious, and bad-ass, and awesome—and to a pre-teen boy, that pretty much covers the entire requirement list for being a hero.

And since your original Snake Eyes figure is probably buried in a box in your parent's basement, it's all the more reason to snatch up Mimobot's new officially-licensed G.I. Joe flash drives. The Snake Eyes drive is of course the best of the bunch, available now in 8GB to 64GB capacities ranging in price from $20 to $70. But you might as well pick up the Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow drives too, so he has someone to battle at your desk.