The Most Beautiful Way to Carry Essential Cash and Cards

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My wallet is a big leather repository for the millions of tiny pieces of paper I accumulate every day. I try to keep it clean, but somehow I'm still carrying years worth of membership cards, business cards, and even foreign currency. And until I saw this elegant little money clip, I never really thought I had an alternative.

The Slim money clip from Human Republic is a striking piece of design that keeps you from porting around more than your need in your back pocket. Wallets fill up with junk because there's room for it, but unfortunately there aren't many alternatives. Most money clips are too minimal. I don't want everything jumbled together into a single clasp. But the Slim money clip works around this limitation; it's really three money clips folded out of a single piece of brushed steel. The slender package has just the right amount of storage to comfortably carry my cash, a couple of cards, a driver's license and a my Metrocard. And when I'm tempted to pickup a business card or keep a receipt, I'll have to ask myself: Is this worthy of my beautiful money clip? The Slim money clip is now available for $50. [Ideacious via Uncrate]

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The above clip would suck because it wouldn't be easy to put back on your money. It needs a bent tang as shown in this picture......or an easy way to open up the spring.