The Most Depressing Watch Ever: Prepare to Be Bummed

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This watch has been dubbed the "Accurate" not so much for its abilities to keep accurate time, but for its reminder about our inevitable demise. Following in the tradition of memento mori, the Accurate watch continuously alerts us to the fact that life is short and that we should strive to seize the day. Damn...this thing would make me question everything I do. "I would like to grab a beer and relax guys but it is already 3:45! I should be climbing Mt. Everest right now!" Available for $145. [Watchismo via Boing Boing Gadgets via about:blank]

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I think that it's not depressing at all but wonderful. It's true we all will die, and the more we keep the fact of our death in mind the more we are likely to be able to keep life in perspective — we don't own anything not even our own bodies — but for now, we get the use of them, and all the petty childish tribulations which seem so big — really aren't. Who gives a rat's ass about whether our boss is mad at us or we will run out of money or we aren't popular or... fill in the blank. We spend so much of our energy pretending these types of things are important and we will live forever that we end up wasting our lives waiting for something that never happens. THAT is depressing.