The Most Interesting Man in the World played a red shirt on Star Trek—and survived

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It sounds like a bit from the Dos Equis commercials, but in this case, it appears to be true. Jonathan Goldsmith, who plays the beer company's Most Interesting Man in the World, appeared in the second episode of the original Star Trek series, "The Corbomite Maneuver." He only appears on screen for a moment, but he also doesn't get a death scene.

Joey deVilla, the "Accordion Guy," noted that Goldsmith appeared in the episode, right beside a shirtless Kirk. Memory Alpha confirms that Goldsmith appeared as an unnamed crewman (under the stage name Jonathan Lippe), but hasn't confirmed his appearance in the final episode. If you turn on the episode, though, the man they identify as Goldsmith is right there, working in a corridor right after Kirk performs a few sweaty endurance tests in McCoy's sick bay.


Now this isn't exactly news; lots of actors appeared on various Star Trek shows, and Goldsmith didn't even have a speaking role. But it is an excuse to start spinning tall tales about the Most Interesting Red Shirt in the World Federation:

• He survived an entire episode of TOS.
• He successfully spayed a tribble.
• He was kicked off the show for having too much chemistry with Kirk.
• The Borg asked to be assimilated by him.
• Some crewman look for lovers on Risa. He prefers Vulcan.
• When he goes to Ceti Alpha VI, he really goes to Ceti Alpha VI.


"I don't always participate in science fiction tropes, but when I do, I prefer to break them. Stay alive, my friends."

The Most Interesting Man in the World Was a Red Shirt on Star Trek…and He Survived the Entire Episode! [The Accordion Guy via Neatorama]