The Most Ridiculous and Horrible (and Illegal) Way to Troll an Ex

We all get our hearts broken. But it takes a truly horrible insane person to turn that heartache into a despicable internet shame campaign. That's what one idiot from Portland, OR did when he posed as his ex-girlfriend on Craigslist and offered sex to any and all comers.

The idiot in question is 31-year-old Andre Flom, and he's been arrested for various computer crimes, including identity theft. He allegedly posted an ex-girlfriend's address on Craigslist and offered sex to anyone who showed up. She apparently had more than 20 men knocking on her door looking for loving every night. Flom also posted that people should come dig up the woman's plants and take apart a "play structure" on her property.


Look, under no circumstances is it classy to troll your ex at all. And even if the old Craigslist sex ad spam trick is a hilarious-if-juvenile way to spark a deluge of dong pics to a friend's phone, for the love of god, don't post real addresses. [MSNBC via Fark]

Image credit: Friedrichan/Shutterstock

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