The New Charmed Teaser Threatens the Death of All Magic

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The Charmed ladies.
The Charmed ladies.
Image: CW

Charmed needs a few things for its formula to work. Sisterhood. Romance. And, of course, magic. In the latest teaser for Charmed’s third season, at least one of those is at risk.

Premiered exclusively at TV Line, the short teaser for the third season of Charmed comes after the previous season was, like many TV shows last year, a bit abridged, finishing up just before a climactic showdown. When we return, it’ll be the sisters against the enemies known as the Faction. But as the teaser suggests, there might be even bigger threats looming.

Mysterious voice overs warn of the end of magic, great sacrifice, and the end of the Sisterhood itself. It wouldn’t be the first time a Charmed series has broken the bonds between these three sisters… Hopefully this time it’ll go better for them and they won’t, uhh, need a replacement sister.


Charmed returns on Sunday, January 24th. 

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