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The New Razer Blade Might Be The Gaming Laptop We've Been Waiting For

Illustration for article titled The New Razer Blade Might Be The Gaming Laptop Weve Been Waiting For

Wouldn't it be nice if you could have it all: A thin, attractive laptop powerful enough to play any game you throw at it? Razer's Blade laptops keep narrowly missing the mark—but this time may be different.


Razer's first laptops were gorgeous, but too big. The next version was smaller, but had a shitty screen. Then came a laptop with a screen so good, the graphics chip couldn't quite keep up with the super high-res display. The new Razer Blade—at least one version (and not the most spec'd out one!) seems perfectly balanced. Not only does it have a more reasonable 1080p panel, it sports notably more powerful graphics than last year's model. The combination should be excellent.

With a handsome 14-inch aluminum chassis, a quad-core 2.6GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD, and that Nvidia GTX 970M GPU, it's not too big, it's not under-powered, and it's not even as expensive as you might think. Specifically, its the $2,000 version that sounds like it might be the Razer Blade we've been waiting for.

Illustration for article titled The New Razer Blade Might Be The Gaming Laptop Weve Been Waiting For

That's not the one Razer's leading with though; For $2200 and up, Razer's flagship Blade comes with twice as much RAM and a large 3200 x 1800 touchscreen. Gorgeous, I'm sure, but it's hard to say if the GeForce 970M's extra oomph is enough to play the latest games at high resolution this time around. The cheaper and lower spec'd one is the one we're pinning most of our hopes to here. You can find both models on sale today at Razer's online store.

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Eh . . . I'd probably only get a gaming laptop if I just had money to waste. It's just not worth it. It's invariably going to be out-done by newer games in short order. Sure, a tower's not going to be nearly as portable, but I'm from the early LAN party era. I used to haul my tower, plus my ~60 lb. ViewSonic 19" CRT monitor, over to friends' places for extended gaming sessions.

I just went to a popular PC custom-building website, and put together a machine for $2217 that has a Core i7, 16 gigs of RAM, a 1TB hdd, and dual GeForce GTX 980's.

If I had like two grand to invest in a gaming PC, I'd build that tower, or similar. For about the same price, this tower's going to be able to run new games for much longer than that laptop.

The only way I could see getting a very powerful gaming laptop is 1) if I already had a beast of a tower PC and/or 2) if I traveled a whole lot for work.