The New Star Trek: Discovery Trailer Shows a Galaxy on the Brink of... Something

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The official series trailer for Star Trek: Discovery is out, and the stakes are bigger than ever... maybe? Actually, it’s a little hard to tell what’s going on.


Discovery takes place during the conflict between Starfleet and Klingons, who are rising up to assert their place in the galaxy. During the San Diego Comic-Con panel, we were told that Klingons on the show will be speaking in Klingon with English subtitles—however, in the trailer, we only see them speaking English. It’s unclear whether that was done solely for the trailer, or if it the Klingons will actually speak both languages. 

We also got a better look at Jason Isaacs’ captain, who Isaacs described during the panel as “probably more fucked up” than your average Starfleet officer. I’m not sure what his motives are, except it looks like he’s trying to avoid a war. But then there’s another guy who looks like he wants to fight. Michelle Yeoh is there looking startled. You’ve got some weird plant things, and then some space drifting. And then, of course, there was that reveal during the panel that our protagonist is actually Spock’s adoptive sister.

But hey, at least Anthony Rapp gets a boyfriend!

You can check out the trailer below. Star Trek: Discovery debuts September 24 and will have 15 episodes.

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This looks great, even more, excited now.

To all those all angry about the adopted daughter thing...

A lot of people angry over the adopted sister, yet remember it took until ST 5 to find out that he had a half brother.

Spock reluctantly gave up who his parents were to Kirk in Journey to Babel, why would anyone think he would ever discuss or talk about Burnham given we know Spock never talks about his past or his family.

For those of you who are region blocked (seriously why is this even a thing)