While itā€™s easy to forget just how many things are actually in the public domain, the New York Public Library is very much into making sure that its collection is as available as possible. Which is why over 187,000 public domain images were put online today.

All of the public domain worksā€”that is, ones no longer restricted under copyright lawā€”are now available for high resolution download from the NYPL. Not only that, but thereā€™s an awesome tool from Brian Foo for NYPL Labs called ā€œVisualize the Public Domainā€ which lets you toggle between images sorted by century, genre, collection, and (my personal favorite) color.


Random clicking is a delight here, because I got a colorful bat:

This sheet music which might also just be creepy life advice:


And this man riding half of a horse:

Happy exploring. And please let us know what you find in the comments!


Top image: NYPL

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