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The Next iPad Will Likely Have Camera, FaceTime, and PhotoBooth Apps

Illustration for article titled The Next iPad Will Likely Have Camera, FaceTime, and PhotoBooth Apps

Oh hay! While digging around in the recently-released iOS 4.3 Beta 2, MacRumors found three app icons that seem to confirm the presence of (at least) a forward-facing camera on Apple's next iPad: FaceTime, Camera, and PhotoBooth.


None of the icons appear in the current build of iOS 4.2, suggesting that Apple is getting their software ready for a camera-equipped tablet in the near future. Which is not all that surprising at this point! The addition of a camera—or, quite possibly, both front and back cameras—was always one of the most likely updates for the second generation iPad. Recent reports have suggested it'll also have a thinner, lighter design, an SD card slot, and a snappier processor.


The new camera-related apps all seem to be pretty self-explanatory. Camera, like the iPhone app, will probably just take photos and video; FaceTime will allow users to chat face to face with friends and family on iPhones and Macs; and PhotoBooth, like the popular Mac app, will let everyone see how funny they look when their head's the size of a watermelon. Finally, a practical application for this tablet computing machine! [MacRumors via DesignTaxi]

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The real value of a camera on an iPad isn't in taking pictures. It's about scanning checks and other more "practical" uses.