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The Next Version of Android Might Be Called 'Ice Cream Sandwich' So That It's Easier to Differentiate From Froyo

We've heard that the next Android release will probably be named Ice Cream, but now we're hearing that it will actually be called Ice Cream Sandwich.


According to TechCrunch's Jason Kinkaid, this information comes straight from Android chief Andy Rubin's mouth and it makes perfect sense:

Android devotees already know that each operating system update is given the name of a dessert, and that these names have gone in alphabetical order (Donut, Eclair, etc.).

They also know that with each release, Google places a giant sculpture of the appropriate dessert in front of Android HQ.


Looking at [a photo of the Froyo statue], it doesn't take long to identify the biggest problem with naming a future version of Android ‘Ice Cream'. Namely, there's really no way to differentiate between soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt. Yes, Google engineers could waste countless man-hours attempting to adjust the consistency of the sculpture to reflect the difference in milk-fat. But apparently Google doesn't think that's a good use of their time.

And so they're going with Ice Cream Sandwich.


I suppose Kincaid's explanation does make sense, but I'll be damned if I don't think that Ice Cream Sandwich is a pretty big mouthful when it comes to product names. [TechCrunch]

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Michael Scrip

Maybe it's time to ditch the dessert names and just use the numbers instead.

Unless jelly doughnut is next... I love jelly doughnuts...