The Next Xbox to Support Stereoscopic 3D?

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From TeamXbox, the same site that may or may not have broken news on a PSP-like Microsoft handheld, comes a marked rumor about the next Xbox.

Advertisement addition to built-in Natal tech, a key feature of the next Xbox would be full HD stereoscopic 3D visuals similar to 3D movie theatres.

And that's everything they said on the matter.

So while the Xbox 360 would be getting Natal, the Xbox 720 (or whatever you want to call it) could have Natal and 3D immersion. TeamXbox claims that the 720 won't be launched until 3D television solutions go more mainstream, which by my guesstimation won't happen within four years.

Still, with Hollywood's focus on 3D, it's not hard to believe that Microsoft would design their home entertainment console to match—even if the risk would be huge.


But for now, this is all just rumor. If TeamXbox's portable Xbox story comes to fruition, we'll allow ourselves to get a little more excited. [TeamXbox via Maxconsole]



Personally I really dislike this push for 3D. People take it too far and the movie becomes nothing more than set ups for the 3D. Up! was perfect in execution but most companies are no where near as good as Pixar is at what they do. Most places aren't going to take the time to develop the characters and story and instead are just going to put in flat characters who jump out of the screen for some cheap jumps in the audience. A push away from story is not something the industry needs.