The Nine Weirdest Coffins You Can Actually Buy

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When you die and you're lowered into your grave, you might as well do it in style. If you were a brewer, why wouldn't you be buried in a beer bottle? Crazy Coffins lets the deceased and their families do just that, with some of the wildest eternal resting places you've ever seen.

These caskets are often displayed in galleries for the living, breathing public to gawk at, but they're also available for purchase. You can even request a custom crypt while you're still alive, because the building process takes about two weeks and can cost around $10,000. From skateboards to ballet slippers, here are some of the wildest sarcophaguses, some of which have actually made it six feet under.


Cell Phone

For the person who never wanted to give up their brick phone in life and won't have to in death.


Viking Boat

In case you had a lot of pride in your Norse ancestry.



Because you were playing sweet solos in life, and you're probably doing the same in the great beyond.



It might seem a bit odd to want to be buried in a giant waste container, but this was built for a contractor who thought it fitting as his final resting place.


Wine Cork

For the oenophile, this is an appropriate place to spend eternity.


Gym Bag

Perhaps this is good for the deceased gymrat or sports fan. This particular crypt was made to be in the shape of a golf bag.



This is the only logical way for Tony Hawk to be buried.


Luxury Yacht

This is an exact replica of a Sun Voyager Yacht, made for a man who had wanted to own one during his life. And hey, this is one way to get there!


Ballet Slipper

The woman who requested this coffin is actually still living, but dance is one of her passions, and she is already planning her service the ballet called La Fille Malgardée.

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