The Old In/Out: Top 50, What's Sizzlin', What's Fizzlin'

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Okay folks, it's polarization time. Since we hang around, drinking beers and monkeying with gadgets all day and spontaneously erupt into typeage from time to time, it's our job to keep our fingers on the pulse of what's sizzlin' and what's fizzlin'.

While you're working away at your worthwhile jobs, we'll continue sorting out the coolness from the lukewarm for you. Of course, the following list is full of half-baked opinions, but they're probably right. Read along, get angry or applaud, but here it is, in honor of Picasso's birthday yesterday (10/25/06): The Old In/Out.


Fizzlin' Sizzlin'
iPod Zune
Core 2 Quad Core
LCD Laser Optoelectronic
Factory-Installed GPS Portable GPS
KRZR iPhone
HD DVD Blu-ray
Physical Media BitTorrent
WiFi EV-DO Rev A
PS3 Wii
Bikini Boobkini

Forty more, after the jump!

Prints LED Picture Frames
Firefox 2 IE7
Exploding Liquids Exploding Batteries
Spinning Disks Flash Memory
Vista Ubuntu
Video on Demand TiVo Series 3
O2 Water Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper
Hybrids Tesla
Blackjack Texas Hold 'Em
MacBook Pro Solar Space Heater
Rear Projectors Front Projectors
Fear Loathing
Steve Jobs J Allard
Blond Redhead
Bush Thinking Humanoid
Tits Ass
Optical Laser
Spa Chicken Ranch
Magazines Blogs
Robots Teledildonic Blow-up Dolls
XM Sirius
Planes Trains
Typing Voice Recognition
Hollywood Bollywood
Paintball Tankball
Permission Forgiveness
New York Vegas
Hello Kitty Braised Kitty Steaks
Real Estate Stocks
Arctic DS Black Pearl
Wristwatch Cellphone Clock
Paper Plastic
Boldface Opinions Pervasive Opinions
Lazy Efficient
iTunes Winamp
Nike+iPod Garmin Forerunner
Q Dash

C'mon, add your In/Outs in comments!

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