The Onion’s TED Talk Parodies Keep Getting Better (And More Scathing)

We haven't checked in on The Onion's brutal TED Talk parody series, but now's as good a time as any to get caught up. Above is the most recent, a breakdown of farm animal noises with rapidly escalating pretension. And below? Maybe the purest distillation of TED yet.


Ridiculous theme? Check. Absurd invention? Double check. An audience that feels equal parts captivated and captive? Yes, yes, and yes. Ladies and gentlemen, here's Loudness Equals Power:

[The Onion]


Dumpster Jedi

"...keep getting better..."

I got through about sixty seconds of that. Better than what? Getting kicked in the face with a golf shoe?

The crapfest that is the Onion aside, it's a sad state of affairs when pointing and laughing at intelligent people coming together to showcase and discuss ideas and inventions on the cutting edge of what is possible today is applauded. Might as well start naming our kids "Beef Supreme" and selling handjobs at Starbucks.