The Onion's First TED Talk Parody Is Freaking Hilarious (Because It Seems So Real)

Wouldn't it be great if cars ran off of compost? That's not the topic of a TED Talk, but, sadly, that small nugget of an idea is all you would need to to be granted the freedom to pontificate before an audience of naive dreamers at a hokey conference. Welcome to The Onion's first TED Talk parody. It's incredible. And its best line just happens to sum up everything that's annoying about TED in one little sentence: "I'll be your visionary, and you do the things I come up with."

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The actors in Onion videos all seem so incredible but I've never seen any of them before. Are there just that many good actors out there that don't get work is is the writing so great that a blow up doll full of shit could do just as well?