The Panasonic GH4 Will Cost $1700, Now Available for Pre Order

Panasonic just released pricing for the 4K video shooting Lumix GH4. It will cost you $1700, and is available for pre-order through B&H now.


The price is extremely reasonable, as many had expected the camera to show up over $2000. There is a bit of a catch though. The interface unit that will provide professional connections for recording the best quality video will cost a staggering $2000, more than the camera itself! For a bit of a discount, pick them up as a package for $3300.

It was pretty much expected that the interface unit would be for professional production environments, so the high price won't bother most. If you are just looking for bare-bones 4K that is highly compressed, and a pretty darn good micro-four-thirds still camera, $1700 for the GH4 is pretty decent. It should be shipping at the end of April.

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