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The Perfect Dutch Bike For Those Who Don't Eat Too Much Edam Cheese

Illustration for article titled The Perfect Dutch Bike For Those Who Dont Eat Too Much Edam Cheese

Bikes with suspended seats already exist, but none as pretty as these. Sure, it might be more for the laydeeez in the house, but it'd certainly be a talking-point for whoever rides the thing.


Created by the Dutch Vanhulsteijn, the two or three-speed bikes start at 1,495 Euros ($2,110), and look to be pretty customizable in terms of what you can request it to look and ride like. I'll take the blue one, alstublieft. [Vanhulsteijn via NotCot]

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When I was in amsterdam it became pretty obvious that the Dutch know their bikes better than anyone else. No one had a pretentious $4k+ bike, no one had a 21 speed mountain bike and most importantly no one was riding around on fixies. Everyone's bike just had that "I've been used for a long time and could pass as vintage" look, as well as a usable number of gears (aka, 2 or 3). Where can I get dutch bikes in the US?