The Perfect Fashion Statement for Photographers

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If you're stuck for a gift for your closest camera-lover, look no further. These bracelets are custom-made from old camera lenses, providing a one-off piece of jewelery that any photography nerd is bound to love.


Made by Craig Arnold in South Australia, each one is different, in no small part because they display the wear-and-tear suffered by the lenses when they were in active service. He even makes some sterling silver replicas of old camera parts—like lenses and aperture rings—to complement them.

Such a statement doesn't come cheap, however: the bracelets all cost upwards of $200. Maybe you could try and make your own instead? [Oye Modern via Design Boom]


No, we (the photographers) would shudder at the very thought of what lenses had to suffer this fate to make something as stupid as a bracelet?!

Hipsters on the other hand ...