The Perfect Tube of Toothpaste

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Toothpaste packaging is awful. Their hygiene-enhancing insides are often trapped within the most difficult of devices to decipher, the toothpaste tube, and even when you figure it out there's always some left inside at the end. No more. Enter SavePaste.

The design does this by doing away with the cardboard packaging (green!) and making the packaging the tube itself, if that makes sense. If not, look at the pretty pictures in this post and it should jump out at you fairly quickly.

The casing is "Tetra Pak"—milk carton—and the entire thing collapses down to flat by the time you're at the end.


Kudos to Sang Min Yu and Wong Sang Lee for the concept, but this needs to get some funding and happen already.


Less waste. Maximum toothpaste enjoyment. The perfect tube of toothpaste. [Fast Code Design, Yanko]