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The Pet Rock of the Future Is a $75 Wireless Meditation Pebble

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Moment Pebble (Kickstarter)

Do you ever feel like you need to collapse? Overwhelmed with the pace of life, work and social obligations, and the flurry of apocalyptic news notifications. Do you ever slump over and stare at all the rectangle boxes that drain you of energy and happiness, but are always low on power, slowly dying, and creeping towards obsoletion, just like you?

Perhaps what you were missing was a glowing digital meditation stone that needs to be charged on a special base that also needs to be charged.


Such an illuminating rock is currently being developed. The Moment Pebble is a flattened orb that fits in the palm of your hand and ads a slight bulge to the pocket of your yoga pants. When activated, the digital pod glows, giving you cues for a meditation.

“Small, smooth, and discreet—the Moment Pebble acts as a physical reminder, a gentle nudge to give your mind much needed breaks throughout your busy day,” Charles Cadbury says in the launch video on the Kickstarter page.


Yes, it’s a fake rock that lights up. The Kickstarter for the Moment Pebble that when the Moment Pebble is available it will retail for £60 ($77.61 UD).

Hamish Grierson, CEO of the health-tracking company Thriva, trialed the fake rock. “I think it’s the first product that really actually delivers on the promise of anti-technology technology,” Grierson said in a statement on the Kickstarter page.

You may think $77 is too much money for a two-ounce light-up trinket. But according to the Kickstarter page, the rock promises many benefits, including reduced anxiety, reduced stress, reduced likelihood of depression, enhanced sleep, boosted brainpower, increased productivity, improved creativity, improved long-term health. These are all things that are arguably priceless.

It’s unclear how one fake rock can do all these things, but the creators claim that it works by interrupting the “autopilot” state of our mind, removing stress by resetting us—which, sure, why not!?


The Moment Pebble’s Kickstarter page was launched nine days ago and it has already surpassed its goal of $51,727. It’s a little maddening to think a product like this could raise that much money that fast. Kind of makes me want to throw something. That would be a stress-relieving activity. I wish I had a rock.