The Polaroid Z340 Looks Like the Lovechild of the Polaroid One and a Point and Shoot

Polaroid might've ditched the instant film business but it doesn't mean they can't make digital equivalents. The Polaroid Z340 looks like a great digital compromise: classic body, digicam innards like 14 megapixels, flip-up LCD, etc. and ink-free prints.


The Polaroid Z340's built-in printer uses the Zink (Zero Ink) technology so there's no need for ink. The magic is in the 3-inch x 4-inch Zink paper, where three layers of dye crystals are activated by heat to spit out the picture. Since it's not the classic printed picture, the Zink picture is supposed to be smudge proof, tear proof and water resistant. The pictures don't print immediately like classic Polaroids though, you select which images you want to print and can even make basic edits to the pictures before holding it in your hand.


The LCD screen on the Z340's body flips up and as there's no viewfinder, it'll be your only method to shoot (which makes it seem like it'd be a little awkward to hold). £230 or ~$375 when it comes out around Christmas. [TechRadar, Image Credit: TechRadar]

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