A... friend... has always wondered what the pope wears on his day off because he can't wear that giant hat everywhere. Does he have a papal track suit? Holy but not holey jeans? White tees for the Holy See? This... friend asked the question when she visited the Vatican and was not given a conclusive answer. However, part of that puzzle has been solved by the Bureau of Trade, which is selling the luxe Gammarelli socks that ol' Benedict rocks on his feet.

Five past popes and the current one have worn them. You, too, can sport the hand-stitched footwear that has been produced for the Catholic clergy since 1798 for a mere $25. But that doesn't get you off the hook from tithing. (Just adding that in order to avoid smiting). You can get them in merino wool or brushed cotton and they come in just three mass-appropriate colors—wine purple, blood red, and sin black. [Mes Chaussettes Rouges via Bureau of Trade]


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