The R2-D2 Stein Is The Ultimate Astromech Drinking Receptacle

This isn't the first time R2 has been turned into a cup, but this new stein certainly might just be the coolest version. Who doesn't want their own beverage-filled Astromech?

R2 is joined by Vader and Boba Fett in this new line of Signature steins from Underground Toys, which are made from ceramic and hold 22 ounces of whatever drink you desire, be it tea, beer, water or Blue Milk.


The idea of drinking a tall one out of the neck of Vader or Boba is a bit weird, there's something oddly cute about flipping R2's lid off and using him as a mug. He's the perfect shape for a mug! Each stein will set you back $55 when they're out in April of next year. Cheers, little Astromech buddy!

[That's Nerdalicious]

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