The Race is On: 360 vs. PS3

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The Wall Street Journal, that bastion of strong gaming journalism, has a detailed look at the business behind the 360 and the PS3. Essentially, they're saying that Sony is gambling that Blu-Ray and its attendant coolness will propel the console and the media into the stratosphere. The make or break point, however, is E3.

"Clearly, Sony is playing catch-up at this point," says P.J. McNealy, an analyst at American Technology Research. But he says that Sony could bridge that gap, and this week is "a significant waypoint to see if Sony has its act together on the PlayStation 3."

Microsoft has shipped 3.3 million consoles—all of them to a Best Buy in Juneau, Alaska, apparently—and is banking on this hearty lead to knock PS3 down a peg or two. Will it happen? Probably not, but the HD DVD adapter will definitely have some effect on that media's penetration into the home. We shall see, friends.

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