The RapidRoller is the Swiss Army Knife of Paint Rollers

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Black & Decker's RapidRoller's frame pivots to three positions so that you can use it for different angles and jobs. It also sucks paint right out of the can through special lids and stores it in its body. The paint can then be applied to the roller with a squeeze of the handle. And to guard against your brilliant friends leaning their rollers unsteadily against a piece of furniture, it even comes equipped with a kickstand.


I recently helped a friend move into a new apartment, and he scheduled a whole day for us to come over and help him paint. This sounded like a great idea until we realized no one knew anything about painting. It took us forever. Maybe we could have used something like this.[Amazon via Uncrate]

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1. As others have already mentioned, these have been around for years. One of the earlier units was called the 'Paint Stick'.

2. They all eventually leak through the valve where the paint can siphon tube enters. You'll have to clean that often. If you don't, be prepared for paint to spurt out when feeding paint to the roller.

3. They are heavy when full. If you're doing a lot of painting, start exercising your shoulders. Schedule a massage for later.

4. Forget cleaning the rollers - you're wasting your time and 1000 gallons of water.

5. Painting a small area or tight space? Good luck maneuvering that thing with a full extended feed handle.

In a nutshell, I've owned two Paint Sticks and a Wagner version and don't use them anymore. I find it much easier to just use a regular roller and paint tray.

Amateur paint tip: Need to stop for a while between coats? Wrap foil around your roller and seal the air out.