The Resistance Rises in The Man in the High Castle's Season 3 Trailer

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After two seasons of occupation by the Reich, The Man in the High Castle’s resistance is ready to ramp up the fight for a free world. Except it’s no longer just one world they’re fighting for, but the fate of a whole multiverse’s worth of them.

Amazon has dropped the first cryptic teaser for High Castle’s third season, which mainly focuses the resistance’s renewed battle against America’s Nazi occupiers—but it also increases the focus on the second season’s exploration of the existence of parallel worlds, something the Nazis are desperate to unlock the secrets of.

It’ll probably be really bad news if they do, so it’s a good job the fight against them has been knocked up a notch. The Man in the High Castle returns to Amazon Video this October, but there’s even more good news if you need a refresh of just what the show got up to in its prior seasons—it’s been a while since this particular incarnation of “fascist occupation of America” has graced our screens after all, given all the other depressing versions of that story we’ve been getting in the last few years!—Amazon also dropped a huge, 30-minute-long recap of seasons 1 and 2 to watch while you wait:

The Man in the High Castle’s third season debuts October 5.