The Ridiculous High-Concept Inflatable Bike Helmet Is Finally Buyable

If you're sick of your bike helmet and you'd rather have something that looks like a giant baseball mitt to protect your cranium, you're in luck. After seven whole years of development, the Hövding invisible helmet is finally available for purchase.


It's not so much invisible as it deflates to look more like a scarf when you're not using it. The ridiculous part is that it was designed by two women at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University in Sweden who said they "wouldn't be seen dead in a polystyrene helmet." So, they went with this? Fashion makes no sense. But it's not just a statement—it actually keeps your brain safe. Accelerometers and gyrometers can tell whether you're just riding or you're actually in an accident, and when they sense an abnormal movement, a inflator pumps helium into the crazy thing, making a soft airbag for your sweet, fragile brain. It's powered by an onboard battery that's charged through a micro USB port.

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You can buy it in two sizes—small or medium—for $600 a pop. For another $75 you can buy shells to change the style of the scarf. Hey, a high concept helmet has to be properly accessorized. [FastCo]



Cyclists need to learn how to follow the rules of the road first. I can't tell you how many people on bicycles run red light, stop signs, cut infront of moving vehicles, go the wrong way on the street, etc...Oh, wait I can tell you: 99% of them!