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The Roboplant Is Coming For You(r Contaminated River)

Illustration for article titled The Roboplant Is Coming For You(r Contaminated River)

The roboplant will not rest until it walks to the nearest source of polluted water, sips from it and tops off its microbial fuel cells.


Roboplant—official name, Nomadic Plant—is a working art project by Gilberto Esparza. Powered by microbial energy, the robot lives a simple, self-sustaining lifestyle focused supplying its microbes with whatever nutrients they require. Meanwhile, a plant piggybacks on top, siphoning extra nutrients for itself.

The skeptic might argue, hey, this is just a robot with a plant on its head! But what's so wrong with that? Robots need hair, too. [plantas nomadas via we make money not art via technabob]

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So basically its not cleaning the water source, just filtering some water out and feeding its hair (plants). I realize its art, but I had hopes that it would, in some way, try and help clean the polluted waterway as well. THAT would be some impressive art.