The Samsung Galaxy S II Is Going to Be Called Something Stupid

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Last year, my friends told me they loved their new Fascinate (or Vibrant/Captivate/Epic) and I thought what the hell kind of dumb name for a dumpphone that was. But I was wrong! It's a Galaxy S! An amazing Android phone.

Well, I'm not entirely wrong. The carriers or whomever that is re-branding these phones are doing it wrong. Take the upcoming Galaxy S II. That makes me think of the second iteration of an already awesome Android phone. Which likely means more awesome. But Pocketnow has found an accessory listing for the Galaxy S II that re-brands the whole thing again. It's even worse this time: AT&T Attain. Verizon Function. and Sprint Within. Seriously, Sprint Within?! That makes me think of a freaking yoga pose.


Why would they ruin the goodwill of a strong brand name? Hell, I'd take a Fascinate II over a Function at this point. Stop coming up with crap names for good phones, people. [PocketNow]