The Sealegs Speedboat With Wheels Cruises Wherever the Hell It Wants

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Most boats are confined to boring old water. Most boats are pretty lame. This boat is not. The Sealegs boat has a retractable all wheel drive steering system—yes, with wheels—and will blast its way onto dry land.

The 23-foot inflatable beast tops out at 48 mph at sea, and 6 mph on the ground with its hydraulically-driven, all-terrain wheels—which sounds slow, but it's a freaking boat. And the craft is rugged enough—with a strong aluminum skeleton—to surmount some seriously tough land. So whatever it makes up for in slothfulness, it gains in you being able to cruise out of the lake sans truck hitch, or just roll up out of the ocean and terrorize your beach of choice.


Bonus cool: the Sealegs is used by the Thai Royal Navy. Is your boat used by the Thai Royal Navy? We didn't think so. And just look at that promotional photo—is that not the coolest dad ever? He dressed his children in matching black commando junior uniforms for their boating trip. [Sealegs via PopSci]